EN HENG TRADING Warranty Policy
• Product warranty are valid from the date of purchase at EN HENG TRADING. This warranty is not transferable. Proof of Purchase must be presented when making a claim.
• In the event that goods requiring repair or replace under warranty, you are responsible to deliver the product to EN HENG TRADING. After the product has been repaired or exchanged, it will be made available for your collection

Our business has an exchange and refund policy clearly stipulating the time frame of and conditions for any exchanges and refunds. All goods to be returned or exchanged should be presented with their original receipt within 7 days of purchase.
• Full Exchangeable Items
• Original packaging
• Never been assembled
• Undamaged
• Non Refundable / Exchangeable Items
• Customization / alteration of items
• Sales items sold at reduced price, offered price
• Assembled items
• Redemption items or Free of Charge items
• Customer Service Hotline: 017-7033 769
•Operation Hours: 
Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm
Saturday 9.00am to 12.30nn
Sunday and Public Holidays Closed

EN HENG TRADING Terms and Conditions
1. EN HENG TRADING reserved the right to replace the product or relevant part. When the replacement has provided the product or part replaced becomes the property of EN HENG TRADING. Replacement of the product or part does not extend or restart the warranty period.
1.2 Buyers must bear all responsibilities to all errors information given to EN HENG TRADING.
1.3 Buyers are responsible to check all goods when purchasing.
1.4 Lifetime warranty services are not applicable to other defects such as cabinets, laminates, flooring, etc.
1.5 Service charges are applicable.
1.6 Warranty will be void if:
a) Product from misuse, abuse, or normal wear and incorrect self-assembly.
b) Product without packaging.
c) Failure or damage caused by transport or falling after purchase.
d) Failure or damage caused by fire, flood, earthquake, lighting, war, pest infestations, humid environment, thunder, electrical storm or corrosive gas, etc.
e) Failure or damage caused by any use other than in the prescribed scope; failure or damage caused by the unauthorized modification of the product, damage or loss resulting from 
f) Product serial number or brand has been altered or removed.